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Thirty-Six Approaching

One thing I love about knitting is that it gives me concrete ways to think about numbers. In a couple of weeks I’ll be turning thirty-six, which is a pleasing, versatile square number with lots of useful divisors. I’m thinking about doing a small series of designs that explore this number in different ways, as [...]

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Northern Voice and Social Anxiety

I’m attending (and speaking at!) Northern Voice this weekend. Today I went to a great session about dealing with social anxiety, by Kimli Welsh. I think I generally deal pretty well with my social anxiety these days, but it’s still a constant in my life. Here’s one of my little mantras for dealing with my [...]

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Yarn Bombing Book Launch

Last week Leanne and I did a live interview on a TV talk show, then a brief radio interview on CBC radio. Thursday evening, we had our book launch party (YouTube link) at Three Bags Full, which was terrific!! I don’t even know how many people showed up, but the shop was packed; it was [...]

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I have a new sweater pattern available, in the gorgeous new fall issue of Knitty! I named it for my wonderful friend Bel. Some thanks are in order: Thank you to my excellent friend Travis, for taking hundreds of beautiful photos on two occasions, to produce the few we ended up using. And thank you [...]

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Courier Cover Story

(I should really get better at writing about the events and interviews Leanne and I do to promote the book, shouldn’t I?) Recently, Leanne and I were interviewed for the cover story for last week’s Vancouver Courier. It’s the most in-depth article written about our book and yarn graffiti that I’ve seen yet! Janaya Fuller-Evans, [...]

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CBC Interview

Last month Leanne and I did a fun and silly interview with Bob Nixon from CBC TV. It was a blast! Check us out: Yarn Bombing on CBC TV

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Coincidence Hat Pattern

Check it out! The pattern I thought I would not release, is now available in my Etsy shop. My lovely friend Susie modeled it for me this weekend. But wait! Before you buy it, check out Wendy‘s pattern; she and I have coordinated the release of our strikingly similar hat patterns. There are a few [...]

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What Happened After My Last Post

So after I wrote my last post, I left Wendy a comment to let her know about it. We had an email conversation about the coincidence, and came up with the idea of a coordinated pattern release: we’ll release our patterns on the same day, and link to each other’s patterns. I love this solution! [...]

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I knit this hat in June, for submission to a magazine. It wasn’t accepted, but I thought it was a strong design and decided to self-publish the pattern. I planned to publish it at the end of this month, closer to fall, when people would be thinking about hats. I wrote the pattern up and [...]

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Exercising Control

One of the lessons I’ve been learning this year has been about how much control I have over my life. In the past few months I have been making my choices differently, more consciously making them to help me have the life I want. I feel that I have been thinking more clearly about my [...]

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