What Happened After My Last Post

So after I wrote my last post, I left Wendy a comment to let her know about it. We had an email conversation about the coincidence, and came up with the idea of a coordinated pattern release: we’ll release our patterns on the same day, and link to each other’s patterns. I love this solution!

I have seen posts on blogs and forums which accuse designers of ripping each other off, sometimes when designs are very similar, but sometimes just when a design bears a vague resemblance to another design. While it’s undeniable that plagiarism does happen, I think that much more often designers just have similar ideas. When you consider that we’re often responding to trends, it is not surprising that more than one person would be inspired to design something in a particular new shape, with a characteristic detail, or in a stitch pattern that seems relevant and interesting.

When I wrote my last blog post, I had intended not to publish my pattern, because I hated the idea of knitters accusing me of ripping off Wendy. I was so happy when Wendy wrote with a friendly and cooperative solution. And really, this has been pretty representative of my experiences with many designers: they have been helpful and generous, willing to share experience, knowledge and opportunities.

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    i just realized i did that. posted about a copycat. though i never accused them, just said, hmm this looks similar. but it was an outright rip off. and everyone chimed in that it was. i actually feel that since i did that, it’s fair warning to other people that if they copy me outright i’ll blog them. i think you should be really careful about that stuff too. i mean, simultaneous creativity is extremely common. and accusing people wildly is kind of nasty.

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